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  • What is raw honey?
    Raw honey is best described as honey “as it exists in the beehive”. On the other hand, the production of regular honey involves several more steps before it is bottled — such as pasteurization and filtration. Willow Run is proud to sell only raw honey, in it's most natural form. This provides you with the most health benefits and it keeps our process are close to nature as possible.
  • What are the health benefits of raw honey?
    Raw honey contains a wide variety of nutrients. It has approximately 22 amino acids, 31 different minerals and a wide range of vitamins and enzymes. What’s most impressive about raw honey is that it contains nearly 30 types of bioactive plant compounds. These are called polyphenols, and they act as antioxidants. Many studies have linked these antioxidants with impressive health benefits, including reduced inflammation and a lower risk of heart disease and certain cancers. " Source,"
  • Raw Honey vs Regular Honey?
    Commercial Honey's are known to contain fewer antioxidants due to processing methods. Processing methods like heat treatment and ultrafiltration can remove bee pollen and other nutrients. Raw honey is only strained before it’s bottled, which means it retains most of the beneficial nutrients and antioxidants that it naturally contains.
  • What are the health benefits of Pollen?
    Bee pollen is surprisingly nutritious and contains over 250 substances, including vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, micronutrients and antioxidants. Bee pollen has been linked to many impressive health benefits. Studies have found that it may help fight inflammation and improve liver function. It also has properties that may help fight against heart disease and stroke.
  • Why is it important to buy local honey?
    Approximately 70% of the honey consumed in the US is imported. There is serious concern worldwide about regular honey being contaminated with sugar or other sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup. Even with fancy labeling, it's hard to tell what's really in your store bought honey. Local honey can also help seasonal allergies. The same allergens that trigger a reaction in you are present in local, raw honey. By ingesting the honey regularly, you are, in effect, taking “shots” of the allergen in small, manageable doses. The bee's are foraging on local plants! Buying local is better and not just because it reduces pollution and saves resources. Bees shipped from elsewhere pollinating one crop is how commercial honey is made. This is completely unnatural and hard on bees. Let’s keep the bees home and pollinating as nature intended! " Source -"
  • Where is Willow Run located?
    Willow Run is located in Medina County, Ohio!
  • Who runs Willow Run & what's the story?!
    Willow Run is ran by a husband and wife, Dalton and Brooke Wilson. From the moment they laid their roots on their homestead, they knew beekeeping would not only positively impact their land, but also their community. They quickly dove into beekeeping and started with two hives and a world of learning ahead of them. Willow Run is currently adding hives, and providing our bees with organic and seasonal vegetation. We are two humans who love nature and work everyday to keep Willow Run growing and flourishing with sustainability and love in mind!
  • Who is Willow exactly!?
    Willow is Dalton and Brooke's golden pyrenees dog - who became part of the family when they first purchased their homestead in 2019. Willow quickly started running around the property as a puppy, and inspired Dalton and Brooke to "run" into nature & their homesteading dreams!
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